Why #notaspottynerd isn’t okay

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 (Important note: the creator of the tag has apologised, realising it was ill-judged (and did so very quickly!). Don’t go being angry at people, please.)

Around a year or so now (and isn’t that just sad?) I wrote a blog post on the idea that “You Can’t Build Inclusion on Exclusionary Language“. In this, I mostly looked at how those responding to GamerGate by calling them ‘fat’, ‘crazy’, ‘virgins’ and other such terms weren’t the solution to a problem – they were part of it.

Then, a few weeks back, I wrote a long post about my dermatillomania.

Shame I’ve got to combine the two, really.

An article published today by the Independent quotes John Cridland encouraging students to take up the arts because “nobody is going to play a game designed by a spotty nerd.”


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Me And My Dermatillomania

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[Content note: talk about anxiety and compulsive skin picking – information on skin picking/dermatillomania available here and here]

If you know me – whether in real life, or simply via twitter, you might know that I have OCD – obsessive compulsive disorder. And no, I don’t have it in the common jokey media sense of ‘I’m sooo OCD, I just hate it when things are out of line’ – I have it in the actual sense. The kind that ties your brain up in knots over things that most people can happily ignore. For me, it’s mostly centered around food, with bonus tie-ins of socialising and intrusive thoughts. I try to be pretty open about it, which doesn’t always work out when people think I’m lying or ‘just a bit stressed’, but I’m getting the hang of it.

I mean, I can get on a bus to leave the house again, so that’s good.

The one thing I don’t tend to talk about is that I’m a compulsive skin picker. It’s probably part of having OCD, but it might not be. It’s only been talked about recently, given the name dermatillomania – a sister to trichotillomania (which is hair-pulling). It’s not pleasant – and, unlike most of my obessions/compulsions, it leaves physical evidence behind.

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